Sunday, November 19, 2006

Tao of the Blog

This is my personal web log. This is the first entry. I would say that this blog arises from nothingness, and before this entry, there was nothing...

I call this blog the "Tao of Cyberspace", because I wish it to be a humble flow of my online writing, often generated in the spontaneous nature of the moment. I'll only post a new entry whenever I feel like writing, and when time permits. This website doesn't have a set purpose or agenda except as an expression of an idea, opinion, thought, or event that captured a particular moment in time.

It is my sincere gratitude and joy that I was able to share my writing. The Internet is a place flowing with incredible streams of data. Thank you for visiting this one blog of many, and may the Tao of cyberspace be with you!



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