Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Saturday Night Fever

Maybe we should be disco dancing. But from this past Friday through Monday (yes, the entire weekend), Hikaru had a fever reaching a high of 103.9 degrees F on Saturday. Mommy was also sick with the cold, but I seem to be OK. The mysterious thing is that Hikaru didn't have the usual symptoms of a cold virus, like runny nose and congestion. But he was certainly "not" a happy baby.

We gave him some Tylenol, and that seemed to bring the fever down. On Sunday evening, Hikaru was extremely tired, and didn't eat or drink much. He was clingy and cranky, and couldn't go to sleep. So we finally resorted to the "auto method" where we put him in the car, and drove somewhere. It finally worked to put him to sleep. I actually did all our grocery shopping at 8 pm, so it wasn't a waste of our time.

He seems to be ok now. On Monday, we called Dr. Huang, our pediatrician, and he speculated that it could be something called Fifth Disease. It's common in children, and a characteristic sign of the disease is a rash that develops afterwards. I guess, we'll see.

Yes, the wonderful joys of parenthood! Happiness is when a baby is back to normal. We move as an interconnected family unit/network. If the network (or even one server) goes down, it's not a very happy situation until service is restored again.

It wasn't such a bad weekend to be at home with a sick baby, though. The night time temperatures dropped below freezing to around 30 degrees F (which is cold for Los Angeles). There was even some ice on the sidewalk the other morning. But the days were brilliantly sunny, and the air intensely clear. Even the most distant mountains are visible, so this might compensate for any lack of vision (even if our present view of the world is small).

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