Monday, January 21, 2008

Hikaru's New Bed

Hikaru's been sleeping in the same bed ever since he was a newborn infant. However he used to have "sleep problems", and slept in our bed most of the time. Now he's able to sleep "on his own", and asserting his independence, so we thought it was finally time for a "new" bed. Yes this is a major life transition.

The photo below is Hikaru sleeping in is bed (crib) a week after he was born...

Yesterday, we removed one of the side rails on the old crib. We attached a piece of wood on the side to prevent him from falling out. Hikaru really likes his "new" bed. He can go in and out by himself. This is how the bed looks like now...

I was testing out the new bed by sitting inside, and he told me "Daddy go outside!" (Ok, I can take a hint.) However, the ultimate "test" was last night's sleep.

As usual, Hikaru turned 360 degrees and flipped around during his sleep, but he didn't fall off the bed. I was also a bit concerned that he might trip and fall over the rail getting out, but he managed it just fine. So this morning, he came over to wake us up, saying "Mommy, Daddy -- wake up!" Who needs an alarm clock?



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