Thursday, June 19, 2008

We Like Baby Showers

Our "baby boom" at work continues... The other week, we held a potluck and a baby shower for three expectant co-workers -- Janet, Silvia, and Colleen. Just thought I would post a few photos.

Hikaru still talks about the party and says, "Hikaru like baby shower!" The dog, Jasper, was one of the main highlights...

In the following photo, the two-year olds Tomie and Rockett go a little crazy in collecting leis...

The adults engaged in a difficult and challenging game of "Baby" Jeopardy...

A big congrats to the moms! Colleen, Janet, and Silvia get showered with cards and gifts...

Here is Yasmin being a bit "laid back" -- and is also having much fun!

Three-month old Emma poses with her proud parents, Dean and Kim -- who don't know they are being photographed.

Do we sing happy birthday now, or is it too early? The moms cut the cake.

Finally, baby shower parties have many activities for kids... Kai and Tomie enjoy playing with the ice and water in drink bucket.


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