Saturday, January 20, 2007

Date on Olvera Street

Yesterday, I had a lunch date with my wife on Olvera Street at La Luz del Dia -- which as some great Mexican food, especially the corn tortillas and carnitas. It might be like the food grandma used to make (if I was Mexican), and it probably hasn't changed much over the many years. We sat at a table outside, and enjoyed the warm sunny day after a week of some "freezing" temperatures here in LA-LA-land.

For the people reading this blog who don't know Los Angeles, Olvera Street, it is the oldest part of downtown. The oldest standing adobe house in LA (built in 1818) is located here. It is somewhat touristy. But all generations of LA school kids have probably visited this place. It's a nice gathering place. Olvera Street is adjacent to Chinatown, and within walking distance from Little Tokyo and many downtown city and county government office buildings.

A group of "senior" musicians often play and hang out here. In addition to Mexican food places, a gallery displays the work of a few artists. There are souvenir stands with Mexican leather bags, shoes, sombreros, key chains, and t-shirts that say things like "Chicano Warrior" or "I'm Mexican, not Hispanic".

As you might guess, we were "Hikaru-less" on this day. Mommy took a day off from work, and dropped Hikaru off at his grandmother's house, so we were "free". Folks who don't have babies probably don't understand all the subtle implications of such moments like this brief hour together, but it felt pretty good -- like we were "single" again!

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