Friday, March 23, 2007

Egg Fu Yung

The man sitting at the next table exclaimed, "What is this world coming to?! Egg Fu Yung isn't Japanese?!" We were eating sushi at the "Wonderful" Japanese restaurant in San Gabriel while we overheard a loud (Caucasian) man trying to order his favorite dish of chicken egg fu yung.

The waitress had absolutely no idea what he was taking about as he desperately explained what he wanted to eat. He said that "it has to be Japanese" because they don't always serve it at Chinese restaurants. He called a friend on his cellular phone to confirm whether egg fu yung is really Chinese or Japanese food.

Unfortunately, he wasn't aware of another food category called "Chinese American" cuisine. This includes other American dishes like chop suey, mu shu pork, and the fortune cookie (invented in Los Angeles).

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