Friday, February 23, 2007

Hikaru's Blog Stardate 5854.05

After waking up in the morning, Hikaru often points to the door and wants to go outside. This is often around sunrise. He gets excited, points to the sun on the horizon, and exclaims "star!" (pronounced "tah"). In this case, I suppose, there's no reason to actually "correct" him, since that's probably more accurate.

To me, it's interesting that Hikaru doesn't quite distinguish (word-wise) between the nighttime and daytime "lights in the sky". Perhaps it's because we're often out during twilight hours that he sees the transition. Maybe Hikaru, on the planet where he comes from, goes by a totally different time system.

Hikaru is happy to be outside. The last few days, we've seen some green parrots in the neighborhood, so we've been keeping an eye open for them. He has pretty sharp eyes, and often notices and points out the birds before I see them. He also notices far away planes in the sky even before I'm aware of them...

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