Monday, January 29, 2007

Formula for Growth

We saved these empty cans of baby formula, so we could visually show how much formula Hikaru consumed during his first year after birth. The baby formula comes a dry powered form; you just scoop it out, and mix it with water. Pretty simple.

During the first eight months, Hikaru fed primarily on a breast milk supplemented with formula. Then we added some solid food of rice cereal, avocados, bananas, apple sauce to his diet, but formula was still the main course.

We had an established routine of mixing in the baby formula powder with water before every meal. We got pretty good at it, even when our eyes were half closed with sleep deprivation. Sometimes, though, we couldn't mix the formula fast enough when Hikaru was "really" hungry. He would gulp down 8 ounces of formula in a few minutes. It's amazing how much a little baby can eat. (And the stuff really didn't taste so great. We tried it.)

Fortunately, Hikaru is now off the formula and off the bottle. We switched him over to whole cow's milk after being one year old, and he drinks from a cup. He now eats pretty much what we eat.

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