Thursday, January 25, 2007

Insurance Quotations

This is an uninspiring item, but perhaps helpful. On some days, I'm not sure what "insurance" really does. It feels like we're insuring that the insurance companies make a profit. We mail them a big check every year for something we hope to never use, and it seems a little crazy.

Well, our homeowner insurance premium went up again by another couple hundred dollars. Yes, just when we're trying harder to "save" due to our baby expenses, etc.. We called our insurance agent (Farmers Insurance) to see what we could do to lower our premium. One surprise was that if you're an "engineer", it's possible to get a discount up to 20%. Is this something new? They request a copy of your college diploma.

As of January 2007, some insurance companies have cut their rates by as much as 18%. The press release announcing this can be found here. Also, check the California Department of Insurance website has additional information.



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