Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Strawberry Season

It's strawberry season again in California. Our annual tradition is to get a box of freshly picked sweet juicy red strawberries. These strawberries were grown in a field in South El Monte (near our home). Hikaru has become part of the tradition as well.

He calls them "tah-baby" (strawberry). Our baby enjoys eating strawberries (very much), but we have to cut them up into smaller slices or he might swallow them whole. In the photo below, he shows off a box. Looks good, huh?

By the way, what a difference a year makes! The seasons often have the ability to provide wonderful markers for the passage of time. The photo below was taken during the strawberry season last year -- even before Hikaru was able to eat them.

By the way, it is the same baby, but a different box of strawberries.

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