Friday, July 06, 2007

Rhythm and Repetition

Is repetition and routine the key to life's boredom or life's meaning? I guess, it all depends on how you look at it. The diurnal circles of the sun, our heartbeats, our breathing, provide some of the "hum" for the machinery that powers our existence. We need to sleep every day; we need to eat every day; and without all that sustaining repetition and routine -- we'll probably be dead.

There are certain days when my work life in the "IT world" (i.e. life in the "Matrix") mirrors the fireman on the front line -- troubleshooting computer emergencies and addressing client complaints. A denial of service attack hits our servers, users panic over a computer virus deleting files, someone gets a bunch of spam emails, a software bug messes up a database, a hard drive fails, data is lost, and a network service goes down. It gets the adrenaline going, but I'm preferring the daily routine of preventive maintenance -- network monitoring, an automated backup, and regular software/hardware updates. I enjoy writing a good computer program, and computers are good for routine tasks.

It's sort of like watering the plants and vegetables every day. We often ask the eternal question, "Is it time to eat again? What are we having?" Some of my reoccurring hobbies are cooking meatloaf, washing the dishes, vacuum cleaning, taking a shower, and brushing my teeth. Recently, my respect for the power of routine has increased dramatically. And I "should" be taking my daily morning walks, and doing my Tai-Chi exercises. We need this daily stuff for our health and well-being.

I also noticed that Hikaru (and other babies) need a daily routine. Every day, he points to the door and wants to go "a-key" (outside) and go downstairs. He wants to read the same book and hear the same song for the hundredth time. How many times have we read the "Cat in the Hat"? Hikaru asks for his toothbrush to "bluh-tee" (and complains when he doesn't get it). We change Hikaru's diaper, change his clothes, feed him, give him a bath, and put him to bed.

My brain might need some additional stimulation, but I'm usually ok with the program. Hikaru and I are now going to read "The Big Red Barn" and sing "Hickory Dickory Dock". It is the sound of poetry, and I like the rhythm and repetition.

In the "baby world" view, everything in life is about "having fun". Where is Hikaru driving to?

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