Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hikaru is Two

Well, Hikaru is two years old now, and he's already saying "no mo". "No mo" (no more) means that he's "had enough", and that he does not wish to comply with our request. For example, the other day we asked him to brush his teeth as we usually do, and he says, "No mo blush tee." Ok.

Hikaru had a very happy birthday. He blew out the candle himself, and got to eat cake. Normally we don't allow him to eat too much sugar, but we made an exception.

At two years old, Hikaru is gradually understanding the world around him better. And he can express himself better too, especially his likes and dislikes (food, clothes he wears, activities). Sometimes it's amazing to think how he learns the various concepts.

He has a good memory for people and animals and his experiences with them. When we went to the local park over the weekend, he remembers a rabbit we saw several months ago. He's also remembers where people sat. For example, Hikaru points to one chair in our house and says "Bachan's chair" (where his grandmother sat while visiting us). He also knows what belongs to whom, like "Mommy's car" or "Daddy's shirt".

Sometimes Hikaru makes random observations and expresses them. While driving to my mother-in-law's house, we passed by a automobile service garage. He blurted out, "car uppa!" (meaning that the car is up) for a car being serviced on the lift.

Hikaru likes the outdoors. The other day, he really wanted to go "camping" (and he knows what the word means). In his "Curious George" book, here's a story about camping and the animals, and it probably looked like a lot of fun to him. He was pretty disappointed when we didn't go camping, but we hope to in the near future.

Unfortunately, though, we still need to "potty train" Hikaru, and there's not much progress to report so far. He tells us when he goes "pooh-pooh", but only after the event has happened. Sometimes he sits on his potty chair for a while -- until he says "no mo ba-puh" (no more bathroom). Then he goes "pooh-pooh" a couple minutes later. We need to work on the timing of things...

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At Wednesday, September 26, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a fun update! I'm always amazed at how much little ones absorb and make sense of their world. That's really great. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see Hikaru soon!


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