Sunday, September 30, 2007

The No-Mo Boy

We call him the "No-Mo Boy". This morning Hikaru ran around the house in his diapers. He said, "No mo pants!" when we tried to put on his pants. This evening Hikaru ran across the room as fast as he could without wearing any diapers. He said, "No mo diaper" when we tried to put his diaper on. (He needs to be potty trained anyway.) "No mo" (no more) is his phrase of resistance.

Hikaru also says "no mo!" to rice, bananas, and apples. He probably ate too much of that as an infant. He also said "no mo" to "Jack and Jill" (the nursery rhymes recording that he once enjoyed listening to over and over and over). He also says "no mo" to "wash hands" and "brush teeth", but we don't give him that option.

Hikaru almost said "no mo" to "outside", but he stopped in mid-sentence, "No mo out...". He changed his mind. Hikaru "loves" going outside. These photos are from the neighborhood park playground.

At age two, Hikaru is fearless on the playground. He got tired of the swing, and said "no mo" to that. And he went for the highest slide in the park -- climbing all the way to the top by himself, and sliding down...

After all that thrill seeking on the slides, Hikaru takes it easy by doing some "sand play therapy". Having the sand run through your fingers is very relaxing. And, of course, it's easy to say "no mo go home" when you're having too much fun.

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