Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Visiting Friends

Our time off from work is mostly on the weekends. Of those 52 weekends per year, we spend probably half of those with family or doing necessary things around the home (like cleaning, laundry, maintenance and repairs, yard work, shopping). And maybe take a few more weekends off for miscellaneous things like doctor's appointments, doing income tax forms, recovering from colds, catching up on sleep, or if the "server goes down". That leaves about 20 weekends per year to do fun things like visiting friends, going to the beach, hiking in the mountains, or traveling to other places.

Well, this past Sunday morning, we took a drive to Orange County to finally visit our friends Maria and Manuel, and their two sons Nicholas (age 9) and Lucas (age 6). Hikaru had some fun with the (older) boys -- walking around in their yard, playing with Lego blocks, and waving "hi" to their cat. We also received some "hand me down" clothes and shoes that should keep Hikaru well dressed in the coming year. Then we all went to Denny's for lunch.

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