Sunday, February 10, 2008

Life is a Beach

Happy Lunar New Year! One of the nice things about living in Southern California is the beach -- especially in the wintertime!

Yesterday we took a family trip to "Point Dume" near Malibu -- also called "Zuma". The name comes from an old native village called "Sumo" (meaning "abundance"). This is the land of the Chumash people.

Hikaru enjoyed scooping sand into various containers. He could do this all day.

Then he took a scenic hike up the rocks riding on Daddy's back.

Yeah, surf's up dude! Hikaru likes being a beach bum.

After touching the ocean water, he exclaims, "Water cold!" It is.

Hikaru explores the surface of the rock along the shore.

Indifferent to our presence, an egret searches for a meal.

Hikaru finds some seaweed!

Mommy and Hikaru have a race. Mommy won.

Hikaru finds and reaches for a sea anemone.

Here's a close-up photo. Yes, life is a beach!

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At Wednesday, February 13, 2008, Blogger Jean said...

Aww, looks so happy and cute! It must have been real nice to spend some quality family time, especially at the beach. I've been trying to make time myself, but with conflicting time with Eric and my own work schedule, it's not happening any time soon. (-_-) At least my son and I go to Disneyland every Friday. Well those were some nice picture, thanks for sharing! [^_^]



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