Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Boy

Well, Hikaru is three years old! Three years seems like a very long time, but time just flew by. For our hard three years (and nine months), we should at least get graduate degrees in life or something... like putting initials M.D. (Mommy and Daddy) after our names.

We held Hikaru's birthday party at a neighborhood park. Relatives and friends dropped by to help celebrate. Hikaru was mostly doing his own thing, and we're still not sure if he realized that the party was for him.

Hikaru had a "huge" cake. The person at the bakery convinced us to buy the bigger one. We were just about to light the candles on the cake, and then realized that no one had a match. We borrowed a lighter from the party next to us.

We sang the happy birthday song. This is one of Hikaru's all time favorite songs. But then the wind blew out the candles before Hikaru could do it. After a couple failed attempts to re-light the candles, we decided it was futile to fight nature. Oh well.

It's incredible to think that three years ago, Hikaru was only a tiny sleeping newborn blob in a blanket. Now he's an active walking running talking and singing guy who can't sit still -- especially after eating too much birthday cake.

After we got home, we performed a birthday "re-take" with Hikaru's leftover cake. He enjoyed singing "Happy Birthday" -- and this time blowing out the candles by himself!

Here Hikaru smiles for the camera. Happy Birthday!


At Monday, September 15, 2008, Anonymous Lina Lee said...

Happy BirthDay Hikaru!!
Auntie Lina and Baby Chloe


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