Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Sponge or For Food?

Way back in the month May (like 150 days ago), I planted a seed for a "luffa" plant, and it sprouted. Little did I expect how it would grow.

From a single vine, this plant now in the month of October looks like this in the photo below. Notice the two "fruits" hanging from the fence.

The fruits of the luffa plant are edible, and is called "Chinese Okra". In Japan, it is called "Hechima". But in addition to being eaten, it has an "industrial" use as a sponge or scrubber, and is also called the "Sponge Gourd".

I was actually considering making a sponge from our homegrown luffa, and found some instructions online. As our gourds mature, I hope to let you know how it grows and goes.



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