Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Algorithm Re-Design

it would be good to design an algorithm
logical mechanical efficient
a set of instructions for living

but instead i measure the intensity of stars
by feeling the weight of the cold air
as my lungs inhale and exhale

i listen to the depth of dawn's silence
by capturing the limits of my hearing
from night noise to the rooster's crowing

i search for tranquility in my chattering mind
like a turbulent cumulonimbus cloud reaching high
-- now blue skies with sunlight falling unbroken

when i run forever in my dreams
there is no circumference on this planet
but my mind grows tired -- exhausted

eventually a numerical answer is computed
with slice of nori over the right eye
and seeing whatever the left eye uncovers

two-year old hikaru observes with laughter
counting one to two to three to four to five
performing in real time

-- it's just fun.

© 2007 by WEb

Note: Nori is a Japanese seaweed that Hikaru really likes because it's like paper and fun to eat. Get it (SEE-weed)?

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