Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hikaru's First Snow

As you might guess, it never snows in LA, so "snow" isn't an experience common to Angelenos, except maybe for shaved ice...

My childhood winters in Ohio consisted of shoveling 150 feet of driveway after every snowfall, building snow forts and snow monsters, skiing and sledding. Hikaru won't see quite the same amount of "winter fun", but maybe he can get a little...

Right now, Hikaru's favorite book is the Three Snow Bears, so we thought we should show him what "real" snow is like. Looking up at the San Gabriel Mountains, it seemed like there was still some snow left, so we took a drive along the Angeles Crest Highway. And "yup", there was snow! A little icy and crusty now, but still snow...

Emerging from the car, Hikaru took a few careful steps on the slippery surface, and touched the snow with a finger -- "cold!" A stick is a useful tool to probe the icy surface.

In this photo, Mommy poses with Hikaru on this historic moment when snow is discovered!

Daddy shows Hikaru how to make a snowball.

Hikaru also tries to make his own snowball, and can throw it!

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