Saturday, October 04, 2008

The New Library

The brand new Alhambra Civic Center Public Library opened last week. Hikaru was very excited. We went to investigate.

At the entrance to the children's section is a tile mosaic that includes rockets, planets, and stars...

And of course, there were lots and lots of books! There were even books written in other languages, like Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish...

Hikaru might have been one the very first people to press the power button on these new computers.

The bricks in front of the library have the names of various donors. One can donate $100 and have your name engraved on a brick.

Note that someone named "Ghandi" was a generous library donor. He says that, "The deepest truth of existence is that we are all one." We are "three" now, so does that mean other truths could be just as deep?


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