Sunday, November 30, 2008

Amir's Garden

We took a short hike at Griffith Park in Los Angeles. We parked the car, and walked up the trail. It went up and up and up, and we weren't quite sure where it was going. Hikaru enjoyed the view...

We passed a big water tank, and after an unexpected turn on the trail, we came across a nice garden with benches. For Hikaru, whenever he sees benches, it means that we're going to sit down and have a "snack", so he was very happy.

And then, we discovered that this particular garden has a name -- and it's called "Amir's Garden". Amir's picture, the guy who created this garden, is below...

Here's what the text says...

Amir Dialameh 1932-2003

After a fire in 1971, which left this hilltop scorched and blackened, Amir Dialameh climbed to the top of this hill, carrying by hand, most of the plants and trees we enjoy in the garden today. Over the years, some of those trees Amir hauled up over his shoulder, have grown to a height of sixty feet.

An immigrant, who loved America and nature, Amir often said:

"In the land of the free, plant a tree."

Setting a lasting example for us all, Amir indeed planted trees over and over and over again, together with volunteers, creating this magnificent garden for us all to enjoy and care for.

We thank you, Amir...
Over, and over, and over again.

Hikaru enjoyed eating his snack here at this garden, and we took a little stroll around it.

So on this Friday after Thanksgiving, rather than going shopping at the malls for Christmas gifts, we say "Thanks, Amir!"


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