Saturday, November 01, 2008

LA is a Zoo

As everyone knows, Los Angeles is a zoo. There are more people than animals here. Hikaru was talking about wanting to go "see and touch the animals", so he got is wish. We met other friends at the zoo for a parent outing.

We haven't seen "Space Chimps", but we know that chimps were the first hominids to go into outer space. They are some of the residents here.

In the photo below, Hikaru gets his wish to "touch" the animals -- the sheep and the goats. We had to wash our hand first, though.

He brushes the goat with a comb, and they seem to be falling asleep.

Did you know flamingos get their red color from beta carotene? Have you seen these birds before on someone's lawn?

The hippopotamus below was chomping on a big pumpkin.

This chimp is asking Hikaru in sign language if he is three years old. Hikaru didn't know what to say.

The whole chimp family is hanging out and relaxing on the rocks.

Hikaru was impressed with the giraffe's "long" neck, and he still talks about it. The giraffe was checking us out when I snapped this photo with one hand -- and the other hand carrying Hikaru.

We visited the orangutans. As you can see, their hands are bigger than Hikaru's, and they are expert climbers.

Hikaru also wanted to climb up onto the roof of the building with Mr. Orangutan, but unfortunately we were fenced inside.

It was getting close to Hikaru's nap time, and he was tired, so we didn't get to see all the zoo animals, but we'll be back again.


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