Monday, March 03, 2008

Pu'u Loa

We still haven't posted many of the photos from our trip to Hawaii (back in November), so here are more to share. This set of photos represents a very mysterious element from ancient Hawaii. The Big Island has one the largest concentrations in the Pacific of symbolic petroglyphs etched onto the rocks of the lava beds.

What do they say? They seem speak to us from the centuries, but in a language that's not easily understood. These are from Pu'u Loa (Hill of Long Life). Archaeologists say this site dates back to 1450 AD. It is a barren and windy place, and filled with much respectful silence and solitude.

Pu'u Loa was an ancient pilgrimage site for Hawaiian families. It held much spiritual power (mana). The families went there to deposit the umbilical cord (piko) of their children into the volcanic rock.

Like a child is connected to their mother through the umbilical cord, they would therefore be connected to the land and the power of this place -- giving them long life and health.

We didn't bring Hikaru's piko, but this petroglyph below could look like that of a "star child" flying through the blackness of space among the stars.

There was much to explore here in the short time of our visit. But before we left we saw a rainbow that we took to be a "sign", and we paused for a blessing of good luck and health.

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