Sunday, November 30, 2008

Travel Town

When we arrived at "Travel Town", every other person there seemed to be a kid, including a bunch of kids in strollers. We even met my co-worker's daughter (and her parents). LA's a small town.

Travel Town is great place for kids, and who hasn't heard of Thomas Train? This train below doesn't have a "face", but with a little imagination, you can almost see it smile.

Hikaru was looking forward to riding the choo-choo train. In the photo below, Mommy and Hikaru wave "hi" as the train chugs by...

As you can see, though, it's not a full-size train, but it rides just like the real thing!

Below is a historical photograph in the "Museum". The photo caption reads, "There would be no railroads without them..." And it gave mention to the Chinese and Mexican track workers in Southern California.

Hikaru, the great-grandson of an immigrant Santa Fe Railroad worker, walks the rails to re-connect with his ancestral roots...

By the way, is this real or fake snow? Are these real penguins? In Los Angeles, one can guess that it could be...

Finally, here's what you've been waiting for -- Thomas Train! Unfortunately, he was being "fixed" by several of the Travel Town locomotive mechanics.

There's something wonderful about steam locomotives. Unlike computers where you can't "see" all the inner "working" parts -- with trains, there's no mystery to the motion of mechanical rods, pistons, and wheels that turn...

Kids like trains. But it doesn't mean that Travel Town is "only" a place for kids. I had fun there too.


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