Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Orange is the Season

It's difficult to teach kids these days about food and responsibility. They grow up thinking that if you want an orange, you just go outside and pick it. "Geez, do you think oranges grow on trees or something?"

When we think of wintertime in California, we think of oranges. This year, we counted over a hundred oranges on our two dwarf Satsuma Mandarin (Mikan) trees.

In the summer time (while the oranges were still green), Hikaru helped Daddy water the trees, and now the oranges have finally turned orange! This year's crop is the best and sweetest we've had so far from our trees -- and oranges are still Hikaru's favorite food!


At Saturday, December 27, 2008, Blogger Paulman said...

Wow...thank you very much! Hikaru...thanks for your help in making those Satsuma tangerines taste so SWEET and TASTY!

I'm very impressed in the 2008 crop!..May they continue to grow plentifully in 2009!

Uncle Paul


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