Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day at the Beach

We celebrated "Mommy's Day" by spending a quiet afternoon relaxing at the beach. Of course, it's mostly about Hikaru, so he said that he had lots of fun too. In this video, Hikaru enjoys playing in the sand and scooping up water from the ocean.

One wonderful sight was that of the whales off in the distance. From the shore, the whales appeared like geysers in the ocean. As they came up for breath of air, we could see a glimmer of sunlight off their wet backs, before they descended again into the water.

The beach is the perfect playground. This is a photo of Hikaru trying to do a flip in the sand...

We also enjoyed some bird watching. And this egret seemed so preoccupied looking for lunch that he didn't seem to notice us.

And then there was the beauty of poppies in November. Something you don't see as much now considering that winter is "almost" here.

Hikaru can walk now, so Daddy doesn't usually need to carry him. But in this photo, he said that his legs got tired from walking up the hill.

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