Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Backyard Plant Update

A few plants around our yard seem to be growing well. This orchid (cymbidium) bloomed for the first time since arriving at our house several years ago. It grows outside in a container that gets watered about two times a week.

These garlic chives (below) also seem to be doing just fine. We chop off a couple and eat them with our eggs in the morning. I'm often surprised by how "bug free" and green they are.

And finally, our rosemary bush has grown to over three feet high. About six years ago, when we lived in our apartment, it was a 4-inch plant that I purchased from Home Depot. It has endured drought and flood conditions -- growing in plastic pot on the balcony. It even got "spray painted" once, and we contemplated throwing it away. This guy is a survivor, and it now resides comfortably in our backyard.

Rosemary comes in handy for making "Rosemary Chicken" and other cooking projects. It can fight off free radical damage in your brain. It blooms every year with many blue flowers that attract bees. If you look closely, you'll see the bee in the photo.



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