Sunday, August 08, 2010

Hiking to Rainbow Falls

Just posting a few more photos from our vacation trip to the Mammoth Lakes area. On the second day, we hiked inside the boundaries of the Devils Postpile National Monument.

The first portion of our trip was a mandatory shuttle bus ride from Mammoth to Reds Meadow. Costs $7 bucks for the ticket. No one can just "drive" into the park (to reduce the motorized vehicle traffic). It was an entertaining bus ride, though, and the driver was pointing out squirrels along the way. From Reds Meadow, we hit the trail...

Of course, Hikaru likes to eat, so our first hiking stop was for "lunch" at the Devils Postpile. We ate our homemade turkey sandwiches (yes, made from genuine Schat's Bakkery bread) and viewed the Postpile. Hikaru was also quite excited to learn that this rock was once molten hot "lava" from the volcano.

Why is it called the "Devils" Postpile? I have no idea, but perhaps it is leaning into the "Dark Side". Volcanic lava (basalt) pooled and cooled, and solidified into this column-like formation. Pretty cool -- at least today.

Hiking with a 4-year-old kid can often present some challenges, but Hikaru did good. On the two-mile hike from the Devils Postpile to Rainbow Falls, Hikaru's motor was starting to whine, so we kicked around some pine cones and searched for sticks.

And there were some water crossings and nice views along the way...

Finally, we arrived at the awe-inspiring Rainbow Falls! Looking into the mist created by a hundred feet of water plunging downward, yes, a "rainbow" does form under the sunlight.

Here is Daddy's tourist photo at the base of Rainbow Falls...

One might note that the horse (in the photo below) and Uncle Paul may share some remarkable similarities. Hikaru rode Uncle Paul for most of the uphill trail back from Rainbow Falls.

Back in civilization, at the Reds Meadow General Store, we rush to get some -- ice cream!

Eating a cold ice cream cone after a hot day of hiking... This is the life, huh? :-)

Finally, for those who are sufficiently motivated, one can view our entire Mammoth road trip video too. Please click below.

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At Wednesday, September 15, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I like your pictures... beautiful nature :)


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